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As a member of the Flying Free or Flying Higher community, you have access to these coaches in our private forum HERE. If you would like to book an individual session with any of our coaches, you may do so by linking to their individual websites below. 

Rhonda Noordyk - Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Rhonda is a highly-rated motivational speaker with 20+ years of experience as a financial advocate and group facilitator for women going through divorce. Rhonda is the CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center, Host of the Disrupting Divorce podcast and Founder of the BRIDGE™ Method. Her signature BRIDGE™ method has provided thousands of women a proven step-by-step process to go from crisis to closure in six months or less— without guilt or overwhelm.


Stacey Wynn, MDIV, PCC

Stacey Wynn is a professional certified ICF coach and works as a corporate consultant, coach, and facilitator.  In her private coaching practice, Stacey leverages her background in ministry leadership, her divorce, and her deconstruction experience to bring clarity and freedom to those on similar journeys. She is certified in the iEQ9, an enneagram-based tool that she uses to anchor coaching engagements for self-discovery, divorce, career transition, and spiritual formation.  During the pandemic Stacey published a self-paced workbook called "Deconstruction: Your Journey in Faith," which can be found on Amazon. Stacey loves hanging out with her daughter, visiting with her girlfriends, being outdoors, and beekeeping with her partner, Dave. She lives in Gainesville, FL.

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Diana Swillinger

Diana is the host of The Renew Your Mind Podcast and was in a “difficult” marriage for 30 years. She believed leaving wasn’t an option, so she decided to become the best version of “me” possible no matter what the people around her did or didn’t do. She grew while she stayed, became a life coach, business and speaking coach, and now teaches people how to do the same! Today she is on a mission to empower thousands of women with practical ways to renew their mind so they can experience more of the joy, hope, and peace that God promised in any circumstance. 

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Barb Ahlquist, PhD, PCC

Hi, I’m Barb. After 24 years in an emotionally destructive marriage, I took the most terrifying yet courageous step of my life—I walked away from chaos and confusion into clarity and strength. Now, I work as a Professional Credentialed Transformative Life Coach through the ICF, helping women live their best authentic life. Finding your voice and your true Self after emotional and spiritual abuse is a journey worth embarking on. I coach women ready to embark on that journey, creating the life they want to live by transforming negative thoughts and behaviors into supportive, life-giving patterns. 

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Susan Estringel

Hi, I’m Susan.  I coach Christian women with emotionally dysregulated teens & young adults and Christian women who’ve had affairs. I’m a certified Life Coach and use the same cognitive behavioral-based model with my 1:1 clients that Natalie uses with us here in the Flying Free and Flying Higher programs. I teach women how to understand their own nervous system, which allows them to stay regulated while parenting their dysregulated teens and teach them how to drop the shame and guilt of their affair, so they can step back into their lives with JOY.  YES, it is POSSIBLE!

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Dee Carter

My name is Dee. I am an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC). Within personal finance, tax is
my area of expertise. I have 13 years of experience as a tax professional where I educate,
guide, and support my clients through their tax preparation, planning and responding to the
IRS, if necessary. I empower women through education in personal finance and help them build
financial confidence through creating and achieving financial goals. My hope is for my sisters of Flying Free and Flying Higher to achieve their own financial freedom.
Email: [email protected]


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